Saturday, December 26, 2009

{Josh - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

I am a little sentimental about this post, because this is my last senior portrait session from the Sheridan area.  Josh is a senior at Sheridan High School where he plays football and basketball.  We had a great time going around Sheridan in a little bit of snow for his images!!  Take a look!
It is a bit bittersweet, typing this last little bit.  I have finished the senior sessions of those that booked me from Sheridan High School.  A small group of kids who I have been watching grow since they were in the 6th grade, when my little brother moved to this small community with my family.  I wish them all nothing but the best for their lives...full of success, love, fun and happiness!

Until later,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

{Ben - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

I know Ben's mom, Kristii, through another passion of mine- card making.  We are both part of the paper crafting industry, and work together on a manufacturer's design team.  When it came time to do Ben's senior images, she emailed me and asked if I would be willing to do them.  I was so flattered, because there are so many amazing photographers in Bozeman, where they are from.  So, I got in my car and headed on over to take Ben's senior images.

Ben is a senior at Belgrade High School, where he plays soccer.  The three of us had a great time together, and it was so great getting to meet Kristii in person finally!  I just love how small this world really can be at times.  Here is a look into the senior images for Ben....enjoy!!
How awesome are Ben's green shoes?!!  I just love them!  And I love that we ended up with a "happy accident".  Ben had only brought the hooded sweatshirt to keep warm with, but when I saw the graffiti wall at one of our locations...I knew he had to wear it for the shots.  And I think those shots ended up being some of their faves.  I love it when things like that happen!

Until later,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

{Tyler - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been feeling a little sentimental these days, as I have been taking the senior images of many of Casey's friends from Sheridan.  I have watched them grow from kids into these wonderful young adults, and I am beginning to realize that this time is coming to an end.  My little brother, along with all these other kids that I have grown attached to in some way, are going to be graduating and moving along with their lives.  My hope for all of them is that they have a happy and successful future in whatever they decide to do.

Today I am sharing the senior image of Tyler with you.  He has been one of Casey's good friends ever since moving to Sheridan.  I took Tyler's older brother, Tanner's, senior images last year.  And while they look different from each other, one thing remains the same....those piercing blue eyes.  Here are the senior images of Tyler...enjoy!
It was awesome to be the senior image photographer for two of the three Rowberry brothers, as they are pretty cute boys!  Thanks for letting me take your images, Tyler!!

Until later,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

{Kelly Jo - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

Kelly Jo is a bubbly girl who attends my parent's church.  She is a senior at Twin Bridges High School this year, and was SO excited to get her senior images taken.  We went to a few different places in Sheridan, as that is where she resides.  Here is a look into her senior images!!
Kelly Jo is such a sweet girl, and she loves my family so much!  It is awesome to watch her face light up when one of us walks in the room, and it is such a special feeling.  Thanks so much for letting me take your senior images, Kelly!

Until later,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

{Casey - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

Casey Crippen- football star at Sheridan High School where he is the quarterback, drummer, guitar player, super cute & sweet, and my very favorite senior to shoot...ever.  {It helps that he is also my little brother.  So, I can say that!! Tee hee!}

Casey and I went all over Sheridan for his senior images....and we had so much fun together.  You should have seen me trying to help him lug his drum set to the location....I pretty much gave up and just let him do it!!  It was quite a sight!!  We love how his images turned out, and we got to spend some awesome brother-sister time together while doing it.  Love you, kid!!
Isn't he so handsome?!!  Thanks for checking out Casey's images...hope you enjoyed them!!

Until later,