Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{Tyler & Marie Engaged} Montana Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a quintessential Montana engagement session during the month of January...then this is the post for you!  I drove over to Bozeman to shoot Marie & Tyler's engagement session.  As I was leaving Missoula, it was a beautiful winter's day.  The sun was shining and the snow gleamed like diamonds.  The blue sky was out, and the roads were thankfully, pretty clear.

Well, Cottonwood Canyon in Bozeman had some different weather ideas for us....but it still made for a fabulous wintry engagement session.  We knew we were in for snow, but not necessarily snow-ING the entire time.  Truth be told...I am actually so happy that it snowed the entire time.  While focusing was a bit harder at times, I captured some of the most whimsical and romantic photos of Marie & Tyler!  So is a preview of your engagement session, and your disk will be in the mail so you can see them all!

{I also provided some comic relief when I completely fell in the snow.  I haven't ever fallen with my camera before...and I just have to say, my reflex priorities are right on.  I totally sacrificed my body to save my camera...thankfully I had a soft landing!}
I hope you enjoyed a peek into the wonderful engagement session of Marie & Tyler.  I can't wait to photograph their wedding this is going to be a blast, I can just tell! 

Until later,