Saturday, August 27, 2011

{Ben + Brooke} Montana Wedding Photographer

I need to do some catch up on my blog, as I still have three weddings to share with you from last year.  Two from the summer, and one in December.  I think I have come up with a plan for blogging in a more timely manner for upcoming weddings and portrait shoots, so hopefully you will see me updating a lot more often!  When life gets busy, this is the blog that always takes the hit...but I am hoping that I can remedy that fairly easy!

Anyways, today I would like to share the wedding of Ben & Brooke.  I remember getting the initial email from Brooke for her August 15th wedding.  I remember, because the email was dated August 2, 2011...and I about fell off my chair!!  Her wedding was in less than two weeks!  Thankfully, I had the day open because it was a Monday...and I headed on over to Great Falls.  Ben & Brooke had a small family wedding at Boulder Ridge Lodge in Great Falls, Montana.  The location provided a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony, and many different scenery options for all of their was wonderful!  The food and wedding cake were gluten free due to food allergies...and tasted so yummy!

Here is a look into the wedding day of Ben & Brooke.  Enjoy!!
I had to add the horses photo at the end of the post, because as we were shooting the last few shots of them in the wild flowers....those horses just sat there and watched together.  It was just so cute.

I hope that you enjoyed a look into Ben & Brooke's wedding!!  Check back soon, as I am going to get the last two weddings from 2011 up very soon!