Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Sebastian & Krystal engaged} Montana Wedding Photographer

How beautiful are those names?  I know, such a random way to start a blog post....but I honestly just fell in love with their names!  And they are just so fitting, because these two are very elegant but also so sweet and fun to be around!! 

Sebastian and Krystal booked me just a little bit before their December wedding, so we shot their engagement photos in late fall on the University of Montana campus....which is where the two of them happened to meet.  The colors were still beautiful, the setting sun provided for the most perfect light and the two of them photographed just beautifully!  They made my job so easy because of how natural they were at posing while interacting with each other. 

Here is a look into the engagement session of Sebastian and Krystal.
Aren't they just gorgeous, and perfectly dressed for a late fall engagement session?!!  I completely fell in love with their images as I started going through them all and editing them!! 

Thanks for taking a look into the lovely engagement of Sebastian and Krystal!  Their wedding images will be posted early in the new year!!

Until later,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Grant & Meagan Engaged} Montana Wedding Photographer

I have two more weddings to share with you from the summer, but I wanted to take a little break from weddings so I can share this fall engagement session with you.  Grant and Meagan aren't just wedding clients...they are our best friends.  So of course, that makes these images all the more special to me, and I just love how they turned out!!  We already have many inside jokes, but after shooting this session....we have one more.  So you happen to have a secret?  ;)  Tee hee!  Well actually...we have TWO secrets!  The second one I won't mention, but it is something going on in every single image...but you will NEVER know it!  Ha!!

There are some people who just look great when they laugh in a photo.  I don't happen to be one of those people.  But Meagan surpasses great, and moves on to GORGEOUS when photographing her laughing.  She radiates when she laughs, and you will see see that all throughout their images.  Here is a look into the engagement session of Grant & Meagan...enjoy!
Disclaimer:  No tree was harmed in the making of these images.  As cool as it would have been to really carve the tree and make it look real...we chose not to deface a tree at Greenough Park.  So, we chose Photoshop instead.  Tee hee!  I hope that you enjoyed checking out the engagement shoot of Grant & Meagan!

Until later,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Justin + Ashley} Montana Wedding Photographer

I first met Justin and Ashley when I drove over to Spokane for their engagement session.  While they reside in Spokane now...Ashley grew up in Montana and so their wedding was going to be here.  As a photographer, new and different locations are always a great thing because it just means that your portfolio can grow that much more!  So, I jumped at the chance to drive on over to Spokane and do their engagement shoot.  Keep that in mind when you are deciding on who your wedding photographer will be, and make sure that they are willing to go the extra mile to make your wedding photography extra special.

In the small amount of time I spent with Justin and Ashley during their engagement session, I just knew that their wedding was going to be a blast!!  They are a fun couple to be around, full of wit and humor!!  And their wedding didn't disappoint.  My husband came with me because the wedding happened to be on his birthday, and we didn't want to spend the entire day apart.  They welcomed him at the wedding with open arms, and we had a great time together.  Josh is an excellent photographer himself, and since he was there...he took over most of the duties with my second camera.

Ashley and her bridal party got ready in a lovely suite at Fairmont Hot Springs, and then we proceeded to the Anaconda Country Club for the ceremony and reception.  Ashley went with a subdued color scheme of light green and white, and it was beautiful with the natural backdrop the venue provided.  After the ceremony, the four of us took a golf cart out and shot their portraits.  We had so much fun while doing it, and I just know that if these two lived in Missoula we would be great friends!! 

Here is a look into the wedding day of Justin & Ashley.  I hope you enjoy how images from their beautiful wedding day.
As Josh and I left and headed back to our room at Fairmont Hot Springs, the sun was setting over Anaconda.  The coloring was spectacular, and the smoke stack that Anaconda is famous for was perfectly silhouetted.  We pulled over and took these shots, one a 10x30 landscape and the other just a normal sized shot, so that Justin & Ashley would also have an image of how amazing the entire day of their wedding was.  Right down to the sunset that God provided.  

I hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse into the wonderful day that we celebrated Justin & Ashley.  We had such a wonderful time shooting this wedding, and just hanging out with the two of them.  They are really such amazing people! 

Until later,