Saturday, October 3, 2009

{Casey - Class of 2010} Montana Senior Portrait Photographer

Casey Crippen- football star at Sheridan High School where he is the quarterback, drummer, guitar player, super cute & sweet, and my very favorite senior to shoot...ever.  {It helps that he is also my little brother.  So, I can say that!! Tee hee!}

Casey and I went all over Sheridan for his senior images....and we had so much fun together.  You should have seen me trying to help him lug his drum set to the location....I pretty much gave up and just let him do it!!  It was quite a sight!!  We love how his images turned out, and we got to spend some awesome brother-sister time together while doing it.  Love you, kid!!
Isn't he so handsome?!!  Thanks for checking out Casey's images...hope you enjoyed them!!

Until later,

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