Monday, May 28, 2012

{May We Never Forget...}

Memorial Day...traditionally a day to remember those that have died for this country.  Those that have fought for this country.  Those that have served this country.  Somehow it has also become all about BBQ's, but I hope that none of us ever forget to think upon and pray for the people who have served, are serving, and will serve in the future.  We live in an incredible nation, and even amongst all the problems that we have....I would never want to be a citizen anywhere else. 

Here are some heritage photos of my family in the military.  I know we have a more formal photo of my grandfather somewhere, but I couldn't find it today.  Maybe next year!! 

My grandpa is the one on the left not looking at the camera.  Tee hee!  Thanks to my aunt Evie for the DVD slideshow that she put together of all our heritage photos.  I hope one day to have these digital images, as I had to do screen captures from the slideshow to share these on my photography blog.

I am so proud of my grandfather for having served in the military!  He is now in his 80's, and still farming after all these years.  I have the most wonderful grandparents on the face of this Earth, and for that...I am truly blessed.

Happy Memorial Day to you, yours, and more.

Until later,

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